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VXL Patent Illustrators Pricing

VXL Patent Illustrators aim to provide quality drawings at a reasonable price. We provide cost estimates for your drawing projects on per figure basis as well as per sheet basis.

The following table lists expected price list for our services. This is an estimated price list, as in some rare circumstances the cost may vary depending on variables for that particular case.

Per sheet prices are as follows:

Service (priced per sheet)

Utility Patent Drawings – Simple & Average

Utility Patent Drawings - Complex

Design  Patent Drawings – Simple & Average

Design Patent Drawings - Complex

Biotechnological Photographic Drawings

Computer screen shots

Electrical Drawings – Simple & Average

Electrical Drawings – Complex

Average Cost


$60.00 & Up


$65.00 & Up

$60.00 & Up

$60.00 & Up


$65.00 & Up

  • What is VXLPI?
    VXL Patent illustrators is a full service drafting company located in Southern California is committed to providing high quality patent drawings at a lower cost.
  • How does VXLPI ensure confidentiality of a project?
    VXLPI ensures confidentiality of its customers' information by storing information on a secure, U.S.-based server, which encrypts transmission of data between users' browsers and the server. We keep all information disclosed by our customers in connection with a project strictly confidential. No customer has ever complained or alleged a breach of confidentiality.
  • What is the usual turnaround time?
    It varies from 2-7 days. In urgent cases, job can be provided within 24 hours.
  • How does VXLPI ensure quality of the work product?
    At VXLPI, each job is prepared and supervised under senior patent Illustrators having extensive drafting experience. Before forwarding the final product to the client, a patent manager reviews the drawings. We use checklists during final review of the project. A copy of the checklist is provided to the customers on demand.
  • How can a customer submit a job?
    We prefer email submissions of the job. Our email address is
  • In what format can VXLPI provide the patent drawings?
    VXL Patent Illustrators can provide the drawing jobs in Acrobat reader (PDF) format which can be readable in acrobat reader. We also provide drawing jobs in Adobe Illustrators (AI) and AutoCAD Formats.
  • How VXLPI bills a customer?
    We send out electronic invoices along with the formal first draft. A payment is due within 15 days. A check can be mailed to us at our address.
  • What kind of drawings does VXLPI prepare?
    VXLPI can prepare utility patent drawings, design drawings and trademark samples. VXLPI has expertise in preparing electrical, mechanical, computer screen shots and biotech drawings.
  • How can you contact VXLPI?
    VXLPI can be contacted via email, Fax and phone.
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